Md Shahin Hussain Presents…

Showing From: Monday 24 Apr 2017

Md Shahin Hussain Presents…
Special Event Film Bengali, English subtitles

7pm, Monday 24th April

The story of “Bhuban Majhi” starts in 1970 and ends in 2013. A major segment of the government-funded film is set against the backdrop of the Liberation War in 1971.

The film depicts the story of Ananda Shai, a spiritual man living in Kushtia. When a journalist goes to Kushtia to make a documentary on Ananda Shai, he discovers a truth. This Ananda Shai was once a Freedom Fighter who valiantly fought for the country.  As the story unfolds, the development of Ananda Shai from rebel Hazrat is revealed.

“Bhuban Majhi” depicts a number of historical incidents like the 1970s general election, the horror of March 25, the EPR rebellion in 1971 and more. The script is based on a true story and even the name of the characters has not been changed, informed Fakhrul Arefeen Khan.
The film also casts Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Mamunur Rashid, Waqil Ahmed, Fariha Shirin and Shubhasish Bhowmick among others.

Please note: this film is restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

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